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Genesee County Animal Control; a No Kill Shelter
Paul Wallace, Director Animal Control
Renea Kennedy, Deputy Director

Voted  Michigan PetFund Alliance 2015 Most Improved Large Capacity ,Open Admission Shelter.

Thinking about adding a furry friend to the family?
There are kittens, adults and seniors, solids, stripes and spots!
Adoption fee for a spayed/neutered cat: $20.00
Adoption fee for spay/neutered kitten:   $65.00 Only spay/neutered animals are adoptable
(includes 1st shot & also a rabies vaccine if 4 months or older)

Dogs, Dogs, and more Dogs!!!!
Adoption fee for adult spay/neutered dogs: $115.00
Adoption fee for spay/neutered puppy:  $160.00



This is the Official Website for the Genesee County Animal Control Shelter. 
GCAC also has an official facebook page where you will find event pages and general information.
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Animal Shelter Wish List 

Cat and Kitty Needs

Litter, Canned cat food, Dry kitten food, Dry adult cat food, Kitten formula, Kitten cereal, Heating pads, Kitten bottles w/nipples, Preemie bottles w/nipples, toys, treats

Doggie and Puppy Needs

Dog food, 6 foot leads w/snaps, , Kongs, Training tunnels, Soft training treats, Dog Biscuits, peanut butter, clorox wipes, wire crates, Dawn dish soap

G-4351 West Pasadena Ave                                                                  
Flint, MI  48504                                                                              
Email: Animal Control     

 Office Hours:
Tuesday thru Friday 12:00 - 6:00pm                         
Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm
Closed Sun., Mon.,  & Holidays